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*Eid al-Adha and Jummu’ah prayers [Fri 31st July]*

*1st  Jama’ah 6:00Am*

Mufti Oliur Rahman

*2nd Jama’ah 7:30Am*

Ustadh Abdul Muqeet

*3rd  Jama’ah 8:30Am*

Mufti Masum

*4th  Jama’ah 9:30Am*

Maulana Mujahiduddin Chowdhury


*Jummu’ah Prayers*

1st  Jama’ah 1:30pm

2nd Jama’ah 2:00pm

3rd  Jama’ah 2:30pm

– Please bring a *prayer Mat, Face mask and Bag for your shoes*

– Maintain your distance from others inside and outside of the Masjid

– No children under the age of 12

– Please donate generously

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