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Mosque Facilities & Services.


5 Daily Prayers / Jumu'ah / Tarawih / Eid Prayers

Five daily congregational prayers are led by our Imam.

Fajr / Zuhur / Asr / Maghrib / Isha

Jumu’ah / Tarawih / Eid Prayers

Quran in mosque

Children's Madrasah

Children’s madrasah runs at the mosque daily Monday – Friday. Taught by qualified Imams.

Nikkah Service

Marriage Service

The mosque Imam’s are able to provide nikkah services, conduct the nikkah & provide marriage certificates.

Get In Touch

Please get in touch with the mosque if you would like further information regarding the children’s Islamic classes, nikkah services, or if you’d like to get some advice & guidance from the imam.

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